FAQ for Employers

What is Quactive ?

QuActive, is known as a global platform for the freelancers and employers where service providers connects with skilled & professional freelancers remotely. It is based on India & formerly known as “QuActive – Under SRIPRO CONSULTANCY SERVICES.”

Why will you choose Quactive?

Communication takes a different skill-set when you aren’t working face-to-face. We’re used to relating to people in person: Facial expressions, body language, tone of voice. So, QuActive has been set up to solve these issues. Here you can post jobs or  bid on jobs as per the budget and get hired instantly.

What types of projects can be done on Quactive?

You can post projects depending on the pre-defined categories in QuActive.

How to post a job ?

Click on “POST A JOB” button – 

Fill the form up or, Click on SignUp – 

After fill the form you will get confirmation link in your Email ID , you provide – 

After confirm your email ID , you can post your job – 

Log IN – 

Click on post a job – 

Fill up the form & submit – 

Wait until our verification team , found all the contain you provide is understandable by freelancers – 

It will be published.

I can’t find confirmation mail.

Found your spam box in Email.

How to assign a Bidder ?

Go to your profile – 

Project details – 

Click on your project name – 

See bidders at the bottom – 

Choose who you like – 


Where can I see the progress on project details?

Log In – 

Your profile – 

Project details – 

Click on the open ‘Workspace” Button – 

Or click on project name – 

Click on open workspace.